Pro Benefits Group, Inc. (PBG)- 
  • First to introduce 457(b) plans to public schools in Arkansas
  • Largest provider of 457(b) Plans in schools in Arkansas
  • Pro Benefits Group is the only endorsed retirement planning firm of the Arkansas School Boards Association 
  • Premier Sponsor of the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators 

Advanced Consulting Group, Inc. (ACGI)-

  • Arkansas largest in state provider of 403(b)/457(b) Plan Administration services to Arkansas schools.
  • Services in taxshelter Plan Administration at NO CHARGE for Arkansas School Districts
  • Agent of Record services for tax shelters in 40% of Arkansas schools
  • Bookkeepers love us and we still answer our phones in person!

Any of the PBG/ACGI Team will be happy to assist in areas that make up the many facets that fall under the Plan Compliance/Plan Sponsor scope of Third Party Administration practices. Give them a call at 501-622-6808 to get top level, live and personal customer assistance.