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Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
Links to other education sites


American National    https://www.americannational.com 
Ohio State Life/AMERICO   https://www.americo.com
Life of the Southwest   


 Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence
CREDE is a federally funded research and development program focused on improving the education of students whose ability to reach their potential is challenged by language or cultural barriers, race, geographic location, or poverty.


  • Congressional Biographical Directory
    Archive offers biographies for members of the US Congress from 1774 to the present day. Search by name, position, or state of origin.
  • Cornell Theory Center
    Resources for K-12 students and educators in the areas of languages, the fine arts, social studies, and history.
  • Creative Connections
    Teachers can use this computer assistance to enhance instruction about global cultures and social studies.
  • Going to a Museum? Teachers Guide
    Planning and lesson ideas for museum field trips, with a compilation of lesson plans for a range of subjects.
  • History Channel - Classroom
    Supplement to the programming on this cable channel includes details on special projects, a study guide, and tips on using TV to teach.
  • History and Social Studies
    Documents for teachers, including genealogy, archeology and European history for middle school and secondary level.
  • History of Education Site
    Contains a selection of top resources on the history of education and childhood around the world. Site is based in the Netherlands.
  • Internet Multimedia Tools
    Paper on how to use the Internet in the teaching of history. Aimed at K-12 school staff.
  • Library of Congress - History
    Educator page leads to information on primary sources, lesson plans, profession-related web sites, and FAQs.
  • Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page
    Contains units, lesson plans, activities, and resources for ancient history. Covers Classical Greece and Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Smithsonian Institution
    Direct access to the vast educational resources of the museum, including online activities, and lesson ideas for teachers.
  • Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
    Discover a place in Austin dedicated to the passion, perseverance and plain old gumption that define the spirit of the Lone Star State. With three floors of exhibits, the special effects of the Texas Spirit Theater and Austin's only IMAX Theatre, the museum is a remarkable tribute to all the stories of Texas.