Pro Benefits Group, Inc.- 

Pro Benefits Group (PBG) introduced the first 457b plan to Arkansas educators in the 1980's.  The reception was overwhelming among both Administrators and staff members due to the ability to offer "Life Insurance" as an option on a pre-tax basis!  PBG is the leader in 457 plans in Arkansas school districts and is the proudly endorsed retirement planning firm of the AAEA, AREA and ASBA.

Advanced Consulting Group, Inc. -

Advanced Consulting Group was created for one purpose...to assist the bookkeeping staff's in Arkansas school districts with the heavy burdens for recordskeeping and compliance imposed by the IRS in 2009.  We are the largest Arkansas based firm providing Administrative services to public schools, all FREE OF CHARGE to the districts and participants.  The only fees are when the IRS requires total plan updates and for the rare Qualified Domistic Relations Orders which are labor intensive.


Any of the PBG/ACGI Team will be happy to assist in areas that make up the many facets that fall under the Plan Compliance/Plan Sponsor scope of Third Party Administration practices. Give them a call at 501-622-6808 to get top level, live and personal customer assistance.